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Natural Health Food Expert

With the comprehensive business development based on scientific researches and evidences for products, SQUINA provides customers with pure, natural and highly-efficient health food. The brand image of SQUINA is "Pure and Healthy". The brand promotes the concept of "Health for All", helping customers to maintain good health and beauty from the inside out. SQUINA has long been positioned as Natural Health Food Expert in the market.

A market study prove that, over 99% of Squina users confirmed the effectiveness of Squina’s products, which could improve their health.

Found in 1994, SQUINA imports products from the world’s largest natural oceanic health food manufacture. Squina is the overseas sole agent for SQUINA Natural Health Food and SQUINA Natural Desensitizing Skincare Series.

The outstanding management philosophy leads SQUINA won several awards in the "Asia Pacific Business Excellence STandard (APBEST) Award 2010" organized by the APBEST Academy. The Company was awarded the "Excellent Health and Beauty Business in Asia Pacific" whereas the Chairman and CEO - Mrs. Angel S. P. Chan Lau, BBS, JP, was awarded the "Outstanding Social Responsibility Driver" and the Vice Chairman and Managing Director – Miss Abbie S. K. Chan, was awarded the "Outstanding Human Resources Driver".

The comprehensive management in retailing, seasonal marketing strategies and "Customer-centric" approach help to promote all product lines under the Group to be at High Quality, Purity, Safety and Efficiency. And, the Company avoid entered into cut-throat competition for short-term profit-gaining to protect customer benefits. In order to sustain its leading position as "Natural Health Food Expert" in the market, the Group has greatly investing in scientific studies conducted by various local universities. The objective research findings and evidences have proved the products’ efficiency and thus promote the creditabiltiy to the brand. In addition, our professional nutrition team set up hotlines to answer enquiries on health-related issues which help to gain confidence from our customers.

SQUINA emphasizes on staff training and set up the "Squina International College" to provide different kinds of training for our front-line staff. They include selling skills, product management and information, dermatological and health knowledge, customer service, updated skincare information and ethical training. In order to provide customers with best services, we send potential beauty advisors to Japan every year for further training on the latest skincare information and practical skills.

Products of SQUINA have awarded the "The Most Outstanding Achievement Grand Prize" in Watsons "Health & Beauty Award" for many consecutive years. And, the high quality customer service has led the company be awarded the "Professional Customer Service Grand Prize". In 2010, the Company is being awarded as the "Potential Brand" of the "Hong Kong Brand" competition organized by The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Ming Pao. Moreover, the company is awarded as "Brand-with-a-Conscience Award" by the Hong Kong Institute of Marketing; and also "Hong Kong and Macau Merchants of Integrity Award" by the Guangzhou Daily. All these have proven that our services, quality of products and selling are leading in the market.

Being a social responsible corporate, Chairman Lau strongly believes that "What comes from the community, to be used for the community" and she is willing to share the profits back to our community. She was the ex-Chairman of Po Leung Kuk in 2007-08 and over the past ten years, she donated for establishing many different community and education units. Besides, as for promoting health message in the community, the Group sponsored over 50 healthcare seminars for the Hospital Authority. In 2008 - 2009, she also support the overall development of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and established the"Squina International Centre for Infection Control."Furthermore, she also sponsored HKU Space Po Leung Kuk Community College to establish the "Squina Food and Nutritional Science Laboratory" and "Squina Health and Product Teaching Room" to nurture students in the nutrition and health disciplines.

Guided by the motto of "Honour the aged of your family as we honour our own". Chairman Lau and Miss Abbie Chan founded the "SQUINA Loving Heart Voluntary Team" in 2007. They encourage staff and their family members to join the volunteer services, especially serve the elderly. In the next year, the team developed other subsidiary teams – "Loving Heart Nursing Voluntary Team" and "Loving Heart Nursing Student Voluntary Team". And in 2010, "Loving Heart Professional Home Improvement Team" is newly-formed. There are altogether more than 700 members under the "Loving Heart Voluntary Team" and have served nearly 50,000 elderly. Recently, the newly set up "Po Leung Kuk SQUINA Loving Heart Foundation" supported and partnered with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University to provide free comprehensive eye check service for over 3,000 elderly. The Group has been awarded as "Caring Company" by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service to recognize the Group while have demonstrated corporate citizenship for 10 consecutive years.

SQUINA will keep putting effort on healthcare promotion. We assure that our products and service quality should be of high standard and our brand should be the leading brand in the market.